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CPN cover #11 2022

All green - and later no longer there …

Filming in Benneckenstein (Harz, Germany) inspired video
for the World Carnivorous Plant Day.

Neue Wernigeröder Zeitung (NWZ) – Harzer Wochenblatt.

Verlag Jüttners Buchhandlung.

Nr. 11. vom 9. Juni 2022. Benneckensteiner Seite 11/22. WCPD-logo added. Color-photos instead b/w.


Siggi auf Ampullaria

... Selected ICPS members from around the world were invited to produce 24 videos for the WCPD. All without compensation, but the participants consider it quite an honor to be invited for this occasion to make a contribution about their own work or beloved hobby. That's how the Hartmeyers saw it when such an invitation arrived by e-mail in November 2021.

Then we remembered the green screen shots in the "Haus des Gastes" in Benneckenstein ...

The complete article in English as PDF: NWZ-Report WCPD on 22 June 9
Link to our WCPD-film "Ingenious Traps / Geniale Fallen"

Subtitles in German or English provided. Just click on it and enjoy: