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Inside Germany
we need an email order (or snail mail), including your postal address. We deliver the items including an invoice containing all bank transfer data. DVDs cannot be exchanged, except in case of production fault.

Our movies are private non-profit productions to support the knowledge on CP in an entertaining fashion. 54 excerpts from our DVDs can be found gratis on our YouTube channel and you are welcome for a visit. To achieve our HUNTING VEGGIES® quality standard, the expenses for equipment and material exceed any benefit. CP and filming are just wonderful hobbies.


Please order by email    and don't forget to mention your postal address. We send all items by airmail as soon as your money transfer has been confirmed. Payment is secure and no problem by bank transfer with very little or even no fees since 2003 if you live within the EURO-ZONE (i.e. France, Italy). You receive all necessary IBAN bank data by email after your order. However, in case you prefer that is also welcome.

Your order comes from outside the EURO-Zone
(i.e. England, Switzerland or overseas)

Please transfer money by which is very easy and secure. We email our account data after your order arrived. Please mention that you choose PayPal for payment. In case you prefer expensive bank transfer, no problem, we will send our IBAN bank data by email.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more information

Information for overseas customers

Thank you very much for your interest in our CP movies, which are appreciated in many countries ranging from Australia over Taiwan and Sri Lanka to diverse European countries, the USA and Canada during the last years. We do our very best to provide our (in DV-PAL recorded and edited) private DVDs to be playable on most DVD players world wide.

The region code is "0" (region free), that means the DVDs work with international players using code 1 (USA) to code 5. Fortunately modern DVD players have no problem to play NTSC as well as PAL system, however some older or "special offer-players" may still have problems. Since we posted DVDs to the USA during the last years, only 1 of 10 players denied playing. Fortunately until now those few customers found easily a second player where they could view the movies, and today nearly all players are compatible.

We use only state of the art equipment and every DVD is quality checked prior to posting. Interestingly it is still a fact that some players show problems with burned (but not industrially pressed) DVDs, but that is a general problem and is not caused by our discs.

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Catapults in Pygmyland
Katapultierende Zwergdrosera

Angebote Pflanzen
Utricularia 'Nüdlinger Flair'
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Drosera glanduligera

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Die Katapult-Leimfalle
Katapult_Leimfalle Kinematik Farbe
The catapult-flypaper-trap
Artikel über/on Katapult-Leimfalle

@ CPN (2013)
@ Das Taublatt (2013)
Siggi mit Stefan Raab bei TV total (2002)
Siggi bei TV total
Artikel über Karnivoren


Byblis hybrid
Nepenthes truncata
frisst Mäuse/eats mice
Dionaea Beutefang
Beutefang Venus Fliegenfalle
Die Chemie der Sonnentau_Thumb
Die Chemie der Sonnentau

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Muskelprotz Katapultfalle_Thumb
Muskelprotz Katapultfalle
Auf Karnivorentour mit ...
On CP-tour with
Stewart McPherson (DVD)
Camera: S. McPherson
Editing & Production:

I. & SRH Hartmeyer
Nepenthes bicalcarata